Jamie Neely, Entomologist, Serving the Real Estate Industry in Hawaii since 1973. Member Entomological Society of America    
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jamie neelyI actually began doing termite inspections at the age of thirteen for my uncle who owned a termite and pest control business in Pennsylvania. Houses in the Ohio Valley have coal and fruit cellars that are most easily inspected by someone small and agile and since my earliest memories included observing and catching insects in our rural community the work fit my temperament.

After graduating from military academy I studied marine engineering for one year when I discovered you could actually study ‘bugs’ in college so I transferred to Penn State studying entomology as it related to pest control for two years. I came to Hawaii in 1973 to visit my sister and was offered a job managing a pest control company which I accepted. After a year doing that I went to work at Kaneohe Marine Base for five years inspecting and treating the buildings for termites. During this period I continued my entomology studies at the University of Hawaii, through the Federal Government and a program offered by Purdue University. In preparation for starting my own business I found a university in London that helped me design my own program and earn a degree in Urban Pest Management.

I opened my own general pest control business in 1984 and since 1989 I have operated a business devoted to inspections of buildings for termites and consulting on projects where termites have been a particular problem. I do not perform any type of treatment for termites.

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